How to Make your Residence Look Bigger?

While living in a big city like Bangalore you ought to find yourself living in a small space. But not worry We Decor home one of the best apartment interior designers in Bangalore has some tips that can help in making the small room look huge. 

Residential Interior Designer in Bangalore
Residential Interior Design

Let’s start

1. Declutter- Cluttering always looks bad and this is the initial step when you’re making the change. It is absolutely necessary to make your space feel more expansive. The best way to get rid of it is to hire a professional Residential Interior Designer in Bangalore.

2. Low Profile Furniture-  Put the furniture closer to the walls, this reduces the clutter, makes the space more open as the furniture away from the wall makes space smaller, and feels cramped. Go for the Furniture with the long and narrow legs. 

Clean lines and simple pieces will make your space feel more expansive.

3. Light Colors- Dark color rooms can make it cozier and make it dull. Opt for lighter colors, this makes the room feel airier and lighter. 

4. Monochromatic Color Scheme- Choose the colors of the same shade on the surfaces as it gives the space more a delicate look and making it look a little busy.

5. Windows Covered- More light, more depth, and airiness. If you are confused with the excessive light, cover it up with light fabrics or blind instead of heavy curtains.

6. Light Fabrics- Make sure the colors you are opting perfectly goes with the color scheme. Go for the light fabrics and lighter shades as well. this will make space look airier and less busy.

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